Concert Review: Red Bull Sound Space at KROQ Presents The Neighbourhood

photo credit: KROQ

photo credit: KROQ

By: Annalysa Vasquez
Red Bull Sound Space at KROQ Presents: The Neigbourhood
KROQ, Los Angeles
22 April, 2014

Before embarking on their upcoming tour, The Neighbourhood gave a beautiful, intimate performance in LA this past Tuesday. The venue was quite small which was perfect because no matter where you were standing you were close enough to see the stage clearly. The back of the stage was a wall of different sound systems, ranging from record players to boom boxes to amps, giving the room a modern yet retro feel. I have been to many concerts, shows, and festivals listening to bands perform live, but I have never heard a band more unique and talented than The Neighbourhood. Before they performed, Nicole Alvarez from the LA radio station KROQ asked a couple questions revealing fun, interesting information about the band. They also talked about how they stopped listening to music for a while in order to not emulate other artists and develop their own sound. Following the Q&A, the band opened up with their massive hit “Sweater Weather.” They performed it differently than the produced version, but it was a great rendition. Their set was about an hour long, playing songs from their album I Love You and I’m Sorry. One of my favorite songs from their performance was a cover of YG’s song “Me&My B*tch.” Now I now what you’re thinking, The Neighbourhood covering a YG song?! Yes! It was beyond beautiful. The Neighbourhood did an excellent job making that song their own. Because the show was so small the whole vibe of it was very laid back, allowing every person in the crowd to absorb Jesse Rutherfords voice and let the music from the rest of the band surround them. Jesse, lead singer, has one of the most unique, distinct, and beautiful voices. Listening to his voice through a recording is one thing, but listening to it live puts the band and their music on another level. In my own opinion, listening to The Neighbourhood live is way, way better than any recording. There was something about Jesse’s voice that made you hang on to every word he sang. Just as I had become deeply immersed in their music, the show ended, and by the time I could scream the words “ I LOVE YOUR MUSIC,” all the members were already off the stage. It was a bittersweet ending because it was so short but at least I, along with many others, were able to experience their music. I recommend to anyone who enjoys and appreciates music to go see them live, I promise it will be an experience you will never forget!

The Neighbourhood announced the release of their free (Yes, FREE!) mixtape found on this link :

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