The University of San Diego Student Radio (USD Radio) was funded, designed,  run by University of San Diego students in the Spring of 2009. Initially, the station operated unofficially in the absence of any University radio station.

After nearly 700 students, alums, University staff and friends joined our Facebook group, and our site received over 10,000 web hits by the end our spring semester, we filed to become an official university organization. A facility was built for us in the Student Life Pavilion (SLP) at room 402. We work in conjunction with USD’s other media outlets: The Vista and USDtv.

Our organization now operates as an online  music blog, and an on-air media presence.  USD Radio offers an unparalleled college-perspective on music in the greater San Diego region.

We believe a radio station is an integral part of any university, and will continue to provide a radio organization for the USD community. Our mission is to provide a platform for students of the university community to promote and develop diversity in opinions and expression constructively through the medium of radio. The organization will additionally provide practical experience for students interested in broadcast careers.

The Student Life Pavilion, home to USD Radio. Source: U.S. News & World Report- Best Colleges