August 25, 2013

Concert Review: LAW

LAW plays in front of a packed house near their hometown.

LAW plays in front of a packed house near their hometown.

By: Juan Barragan
House of Blues Anaheim
7 August 2013

Not everything in Downtown Disney revolves around trying to make the younger children happy. For the older children, meaning adults, there are attractions such as the House of Blues that can provide entertainment that will please them as they try and get away from all the children running wild outside of the perimeter of the venue. One of the bands performing on one particular evening in August was LAW, the trio that played a few songs at Muir Fest in Ocean Beach a few weeks ago.

This was definitely a local show for the band that night. When they took the stage, the place was not necessarily packed, but had a large amount of people in and around the pit eager to see what LAW had in store for the night. The band played a lot of their new material. Particularly interesting was their performance of their song, “Reach My Brain.” The song starts out pretty mellow then features a fast paced punk breakdown, followed by a verse rapped by the bassist, Dakota Ethridge. That song highlights the style of the band in a very positive way, featuring each band member’s different talent throughout the song.

Halfway through the set, after the band rocked out to their favorite Queens of the Stone Age song, “Go With the Flow,” Jakob Nowell broke a guitar string which halted the band right in their tracks preventing the show from going on. Luckily Ethridge stepped in and played some bass for the crowd while Nowell swapped his guitar for a fully functioning one.

LAW’s set near the end featured a few cover songs that got the crowd moving. These included Gorillaz’s “Feel Good Inc.” and a song by one of LAW’s favorite bands, Sublime, called “Waiting or my Ruca.” They finished off their set with an original called “Getting By” and received a very positive response from the crowd who, by the sound of it, wanted to hear more.

Certainly LAW’s original material in the experimental rock genre has shown it sparks an interest in their concert attendees. While the band has not released any official material, stay tuned, because they might be coming down to San Diego to play with Perro Bravo at the House of Blues on August 24.


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