Album Preview: Disillusion by O’Brother


Atlanta based progressive rock band O’Brother are on the brink of releasing their second full length album, Disillusion on August 20th, 2013. The band, in the past few years, has started to make waves in the alternative and experimental rock scenes for their haunting sounds and dually beautiful vocals. Currently signed to Triple Crown Records, O’Brother’s popularity only continues to skyrocket: they recently served as the opening act on Alice In Chains’ tour and have also played with the likes of Brand New and Manchester Orchestra. O’Brother coined the term “bangover” for the feeling you get after headbanging along to a song too hard. Find out what they’re talking about and check out Disillusion, a progressive rock golden nugget, on WNYC’s Soundcheck. Also be sure to catch O’Brother on their fall tour with Native and Daylight.


Check Ahead: O’Brother, Disillusion (SoundCheck)

Notable tracks: “Come Into The Divide,” “Path of Folly,” “Oblivion,” and “Absence”

Recommended if you like: Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Manchester Orchestra, Mogwai



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