Album Review: Twin Forks


By: Vincent Vidaurri
Twin Forks EP
Twin Forks
Dine Alone Records
Released: September 17, 2013

The release of Twin Forks’ self-titled EP feels likes veterans at work rather than the debut EP of a new band. For good reason too, as the band features Chris Carrabba, who also sings for Dashboard Confessional and Further, on lead vocals. The direction of this album, however, is a welcomed depart from Chris’ previous work. The album fully lends itself completely to Carrabba’s range, varying from jubilant to intimate and delicate, even within a single song as showcased in “Can’t Be Broken.” The songs features an upbeat and lighted-hearted alternative folk style stemming from the combination of clapping, whistling, mandolin and Carrabba’s raspy voice. Headlined by the singles “Cross My Mind” and “Back to You”, the album heavily features songs focused on the theme of affectionate intimacy. There’s a flawless harmony between Carrabba and a female vocal which help to paint a picture of genuine emotion within the song. The infectious instrumentals and percussion in “Cross My Mind” will make you want to bump your head, clap along or even get up and dance. Surprisingly, however, the song “Something We Just Know” steals the show. Carrabba’s voice has never sounded better than when he belts out his heart on this song. The pure emotion on this track will captivate you and invoke tender warm feelings throughout your body. That may be the album’s biggest success, its ability to portray heartfelt emotion through its beautiful vocals, lyrics and instrumentals that mesmerize you to keep listening and partake in an emotional investment.

Overall the album has very high replay ability, improving in polish and sheen every time you listen to it. There isn’t a single song on this album not worth a listen or two and you will find yourself constantly switching back and forth between favorites. Offering a mere five songs, this EP will leaving you wanting more and waiting on bated breath for the band’s full album release in 2014. With Chris Carrabba putting his full focus on this new band, you should definitely be excited more new content and check this up and coming band.

Recommended if you like: The Lumineers, Bon Iver, Of Monsters and Men, Mumford and Sons.

Highlights: Cross My Mind, Something We Just Know, Back to You

Rating: 5/5

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