EP Review: Knivsta by Lyonn



By: John Barnum
07 January, 2014

A talented musician and songwriter by the name of Tyler Gelrund has released a new EP called Knivsta. The album is composed of three heart melting songs; “Silver Screen Love,” “Bastille Day,” and “Iceberg”; and is a part of the artist’s new music project that started after his hiatus from the alternative band scene.

Tyler, A.K.A. Lyonn, has made three songs that are as soothing as they are beautiful. The first, “Silver Screen Love” is an elegant mix of acoustic guitar and piano in which he compares his love to the “silver screen”. Lyonn teleports the listener with his incredibly brilliant and descriptive lyrics and does so even more in the second song “Bastille Day,” where we are whisked away across Europe in the form of romantic memoirs. The final song is much less tangible. “Iceberg” describes a moment of time or several moments of time or simply the sensation of falling in love through several confusing metaphors. Regardless, “Iceberg” is the most dynamic song on the EP with instrumentals that are comparable to that of an orchestra and vocals that tug on the heart strings.

The cover of the album, a reflection of a lake at an unknown yet picturesque location, accompanies the songs perfectly by visualizing an image that matches the majestic nature of the music. The overall album is exquisite and is definitely worth a download. You should listen to these songs if you want to connect to that sensitive part of yourself (to be accompanied by a romantic comedy and tub of ice cream of course).

Recommended if you like: Jack Johnson or John Mayer

Album Highlights: All, but my favorite song is Bastille Day


01 Silver Screen Love

02 Bastille Day

03 Iceberg

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  1. Lyonn / Reply
  2. I love the description of the album by this writer. The groups he compared it to really give you an idea of what to expect, I can’t wait to hear this album.

    Lisa / Reply

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