Concert Review: Blasterjaxx

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By: Annalysa Vasquez
Ruby Skye, San Francisco
13 March, 2014

Wild fashions, the glow from city lights, street performers, the prominent smell of cigarettes, and making new friends are all part of the experience of just waiting in line to enter Ruby Skye, one of the hottest night clubs in downtown San Francisco. Walking through the doors you get treated like you’re famous- walking on the red carpet and getting your picture taken by the many photographers working that evening. The inside is a modern two story Victorian design, originally an opera house which makes it great for sound projection! This past Thursday, March 13th, DJs and producers Blasterjaxx headlined that evenings lineup. Two unknown, local DJs opened one after the other both playing a combination of trance/house style music. While to some it was appealing, to most, including me the tracks were very mellow and the vibe from the dj’s seemed unsure how to please the increasing volume of people showing up. However, during the last ten minutes of the the second djs set, Blasterjaxx excited the crowd when they appeared on the side of the stage taking a peek at everyone. Once the second DJ finished his set, everything went black-no lights, no music, nothing! Then a flash of neon blue lights shocked the crowd as Blasterjaxx appeared behind the turn tables greeting San Fran with their Swedish accents. Right away they began playing upbeat and energetic electro house/progressive style music making everyone dance and jump with their hands in the air. The dance floor became extremely crowded as everyone wanted to be be in the front to see the dynamic duo. No matter where you were in the crowd it did’t matter because the music surrounded the entire venue. Their entire set was nothing but bangers! They played all their hits, like “Snake,” and “Mystica,” as well as many of their remixes.  In the middle of the ceiling was a huge disco ball surrounded with lights and while Blasterjaxx had slowed down the tempo by playing progressive house emphasizing the vocals of the song “Reason,” then picking up again by building up to an epic drop, the disco ball dropped with  the beat and sprayed ice cold fog over the crowd resulting in everyone smiling, jumping, dancing, shouting, and screaming the lyrics to the song. It was the most euphoric, uniting vibe I had ever felt in a club. Closing out with their not yet released hit, “Titan,” Blasterjaxx delivered an epic, thrilling set turning regular fans into die hards. While they are still new to the more mainstream EDM scene, Blasterjaxx is on the rise!

If you would like to hear music, including their own productions and remixes, check their Soundcloud.

Recommended tracks: Titan, Mystica, Snake, Koala, Adagio – Tiesto (Blaterjaxx Remix)

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