Concert Preview: Terraplane Sun @ Belly Up Tavern Feb 12th


By: Eden Frost
10 February, 2014

The LA based rock crew makes their way to one of their favorite venues this Wednesday for a show promoting the launch of one of their favorite causes, Project Raw. The happening band cares about more than just putting out great tunes, even though that is something they’re certainly good at. The group of 5 formed the band in Venice Beach and the surfer vibes and soulful culture clearly make their way into their sound. But it is hard to classify this crew into a single sound because the variety of their talent. They hit the bluesy spectrum in tracks such as “Never Bring Me Down” and throw back into a major 60s style with remakes (“Funnel of Love”) and originals alike. The band’s frontman, Ben Rothbard, exudes a confident and gritty power in his vocals and has an incredible ensemble to round out the band’s diverse spectrum of sounds. Lead guitarist Johnny Zambetti kills it on all their tracks adding the electric life that their music has, and steady beats produced by Lyle Riddle (drums) adds a richness to their songs. Bassist Cecil sets the pace for the crew and keyboardist Gabe Feenberg brings in that element of real music that many contemporary bands are missing. Their EP, Ya Never Know, launched the band’s most popular song, “Get Me Golden,” that does just that upon listening to it. The building tempo starts off with Feenberg on keyboard and brings in everything there is to love about this band: catchy rhythms, relatable lyrics and a good feeling of energy and connectedness among the bandmates. The band’s full length album, Coyote, shows a slower and more folksy side to the group while still maintaining the same spirit from their EP. Depending on the track you hear, you might think you are listening to something that got lost in the layers of classic rock so many years ago. Mellow and grounded and proud of their work, the band has a few tour dates coming up in CA and are sure to be a set to see this Wednesday. They will be moving on through the US and will be back in San Diego April 24th at the House of Blues… but you definitely don’t want to wait that long to see them!